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4WD Driver and Vehicle Recovery Training

Unlike our competitors we deliver real 4WD training, no pretending and no simulations.
When we do recovery we actually bog our vehicles, we don’t drive around pot holes and call it difficult terrain driving, we don’t just talk about water crossings, we actually walk and drive through them and when we do emergency off road braking our instructors are in the vehicle with you, not standing outside the vehicle operating fancy light shows.
For safety reasons we have a trainer to trainee ratio of 3-1, this unfortunately does not make us the cheapest provider in the marketplace, but it does make us one of the safest, as we ensure there is a trainer in every vehicle at all times excluding recovery times. And unlike some of our competitors we will deliver everything that is in the training package that is nationally recognised. With STS you will gain the confidence you seek as you learn the limitations and capabilities of your Four wheel drive (4WD) or All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle. We offer an introduction to off road 4 wheel driving (4WD) to those who want to learn new skills or touch up on old ones. Our introductory 4WD course is aimed at the recreational four wheel driver and the mining industry and is structured to teach you how to read the terrain and negotiate obstacles. Our courses also cover such things as trip planning, assessing the driving surface, offroad emergency braking (straight line and into corners), driving across slopes, driving in water, mud and sand, stall starting, jump starting vehicles, snatch strap recovery and winch recovery.

We continue to offer Nationally recognised 4WD qualifications to some of the major construction and mining companies. We can also offer 4WD qualifications to individuals that require the competencies to drive a 4WD on a mine site.

We offer 4WD training Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and all over Australia and the Pacific region (upon application).

Our courses are designed around safety and the environment, as well as having a lot of fun, whilst we undertake various tasks. We will show you how to assess the driving terrain properly to avoid any vehicle damage or personal injury. We can also structure courses to suit the mining industry and offer National Qualifications through one of our Registered Training Organisations.
Units of Competency covered;                                                                                                    4WD course Sunshine Coast 4wd training brisbane

  • RIIVEH201D Operate a Light Vehicle
  • RIIVEH305E Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle
  • PMASUP236B Operate Vehicles in the Field
  • SISODRV302A Drive and Recover a 4WD Vehicle
  • SISODRV404A Drive and Recover a 4WD Vehicle in Difficult Terrain
  • SISODRV405A Coordinate Recovery of a 4WD Vehicle
I had to do this course for my current field of employment and found it was very well structured. I enjoyed the off road emergency braking techniques. the entire course was very valuable.
I work in the coal seam gas projects and found this course very applicable. I gained a lot of value from the snatch recovery techniques, seating positioning and emergency braking.
This course was a mandatory requirement for my current employment. I really enjoyed the water crossing. The trainers were very experienced and delivered the course very well.
This training was a job requirement. It was a lot of fun and very entertaining.IMG_20120605_124716 4wd training brisbane
This course was a project requirement. I really enjoyed the practical aspects of using the snatch straps.
I attended this course to build 4WD competency before heading out to site. All the training was valuable and I found the trainers very approachable, they clearly explained what was required and were very thorough and helpful.
I work on the APLNG project and definitely think that the new knowledge that I have learnt will be applicable in my current job. i enjoyed the whole learning experience.
I had to attend this course for my current job requirements. I found the assessment of performances by the trainers valuable. This course may help save lives. Great training.
Attending this course was a requirement for my job, but found it very useful for someone in my area of employment. The practical part of the course and learning how to operate a 4WD vehicle correctly were the most valuable parts of this course. As a surveyor I found this course very applicable as I will always need to operate a 4WD vehicle.
I enjoyed the whole day, with laughs a plenty.IMG_3907 4wd training brisbane
I work in the mining industry and attended this course to learn how to drive on dirt roads, washouts and wet conditions. The most valuable part of this course for me was knowing how to brake effectively in off road conditions and how to perform a double snatch recovery.
Attending this course was a work requirement. i found all components of the course had true value. I enjoyed the whole day.
Well presented. Great training.
My employer made me do this course. I found all of it valuable, especially the little useful facts to help with everyday safe driving. It was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable, I will definitely recommend this training to anyone.