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TLILIC0003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck – Forklift Training

These days there is a lot more to operating a forklift that just lifting pallets up and down. Under the new Chain of Responsibility Legislation, loaders and packers have legal obligations whenever they have an influence in road transport.

There are many forklift trainers in the market that will teach you how to use a forklift, but with Smiths Training Services, we will teach you or your staff how to operate a forklift and a whole lot more. We offer forklift training throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and all over Australia and Pacific Region (upon application).

Forklift Training Course Topics


  • Your and your employers obligations for Workplace Health and Safety
  • The forklift Code of Practice
  • Your obligations under Chain of Responsibility
  • Your obligations under the new Fatigue Management laws
  • How to safely load/unload a truck
  • How to distribute weights over axle groups
  • Load Restraint
  • Different types of forklifts, attachments and their rated capacities
  • Forklift stability
  • JSA’s and risk assessments
  • Hazard identification
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Accident and incident reporting
  • The safe operation of a forklift truck
  • Electrical  safety
  • Correct type of forklift to use in a confined space
  • Pre start up and shut down procedures
  • Three points of contact
  • Safety procedures in the event of a forklift tip over

Forklift Training refresher courses

Forklift Training Brisbane, Australia, New Zealand

We also offer one day forklift refresher training classes, to help you keep your skills current  and up to date. We can offer training to you in your workplace or you can come to us. The cost of  a full forklift operators licensing course is a full day of classroom theory training covering all of the previously listed items and more, and is delivered via a PowerPoint presentation and a series of the latest training DVD’s.
On the completion of the day the trainee will be issued with a log book which will need to be completed and signed for everyday they operate the forklift.
The trainee will have to demonstrate sound competency on the forklift after which time the trainee will be assessed and signed off on.

Forklift refresher training also covers most of the items listed in the forklift licence course and is conducted over 1 day. This type of training helps to eliminate bad operational habits that have developed over years of operational use.

Don’t forget we can travel anywhere within Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region.

Discounts apply for student numbers exceeding 5 students