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At Smiths Training Services, we provide first class boom and scissor lift training to train you, readying you for your Boom and/or Scissor Lift Tickets.

We have an amazing training team that delivers you your all-inclusive training course, to get you ready to go for boom/ scissor lift ticket to work on site. In the training course, we cover all the operating procedures that  you need to work with and manoeuvre boom/scissor lifts and give you the confidence to operate them solo.

What does the Boom/Scissor Lift Training course cover?

Our course covers identify hazards and implement controls, recognise hazards and the hierarchy of hazard controls. We will train you to conduct routine checks with checking logbooks, setup the boom/scissor lift, pre and post-start checks and emergency procedures.

We will develop your ability to operate the boom/ scissor lift in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, manoeuvre tight space forward and in reverse, operate it slowly and accurately, conduct tasks at different heights.

Lastly we will tech you the way to park safely, pack up and conduct post operation inspection and complete (if applicable) fault recordings in log book.

What Else is Available At Smith Training Services?

We also provide training in 4WD driving, heavy vehicle training and plant/machinery operations training anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and PAPUA NEW GUINEA. We have fully qualified trainers and assessors here at Smiths Training Services and we will make sure you know everything about your course’s subject.

If your want more information on what we offer and what we can do for you, Contact Smiths Training Services and we will set you on the path to your new qualifications.

Why dealing directly with Smiths Training Services is better than dealing with an RTO?

  • Whilst the RTO is the one that issues the nationally recognised competencies, they still rely on trainer/assessor to deliver the training.
  • The RTO is the admin component of training. The trainer/assessor is the person with the industry experience. 
  • Whenever you have questions about a course, the majority of the time the RTO cannot answer them and has to refer back to the trainer/assessor.
  • The RTO will send whatever trainer/assessor they have available and at times one with little to no industry experience.

Dealing directly with Smiths Training Services;

  • We will deal with the right RTO for your nationally recognised qualifications.
  • We are the trainer/assessors, the ones with the real industry experience.
  • When you engage our services you know who your trainer is.
  • The vast majority of times we can answer your questions without hesitation.
  • We are a small family owned business, not a big corporate provider that possibly only treat you as a number.
  • We never cancel our courses, once committed, the course goes ahead, regardless of numbers.
  • Many RTO’s attempt to engage our services regularly to deliver training on their behalf.