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Training Brisbane

Smiths Training Services is a training company that specialises in all your mining, construction and road transport courses. We are dedicated to training Brisbane and the surrounding areas in the best possible way to operate and maintain each piece of machinery needed onsite. Some of these courses include 4WD, heavy vehicles and machinery training.

4WD Trainingtraining brisbane

The 4WD training offered at Smiths Training Services will cover all the basics of 4WD driving. The course includes learning how to drive and Recover a 4WD vehicle. Also how to operate and maintain a Four Wheel Drive, Engaging and Disengaging a 4WD and what each mode does and so much more. As a result we will leave you with all the knowledge you need to drive a 4WD vehicle anywhere you need to.

Backhoe Training

training brisbaneThis course is designed to get you and your staff the best hands-on experience and training in the use and operation of Backhoes. We provide training in backhoe start-up and shutdown procedures, safe operation, backhoe terminology, laying and digging under pipes, creating and backfilling trenches as well as bulk excavation and lifting loads. We guarantee that when you leave our training you will have the best understanding of how to use Backhoes safely and effectively.

Compactor Training

Smiths’ compactor training course is 2nd to none. This intensive course covers all the basic and intermediate aspects of the operations of a compactor. These are planning and preparing worksite, pre-operational checks, operate and relocate compactor, carry out machine operation, maintenance and clean up. With this course, you will be operating and handling an excavator like a pro thanks to our dedicated team of trainers.

Our Training Brisbane team can also deliver, Dangerous Goods Licencing, SLP and Dozer Training along with many more courses designed specifically for you and your staff.

Why dealing directly with Smiths Training Services is better than dealing with an RTO?

  • Whilst the RTO is the one that issues the nationally recognised competencies, they still rely on trainer/assessor to deliver the training.
  • The RTO is the admin component of training. The trainer/assessor is the person with the industry experience. 
  • Whenever you have questions about a course, the majority of the time the RTO cannot answer them and has to refer back to the trainer/assessor.
  • The RTO will send whatever trainer/assessor they have available and at times one with little to no industry experience.
  • Dealing directly with Smiths Training;
  • We will deal with the right RTO for your nationally recognised qualifications.
  • We are the trainer/assessors, the ones with the real industry experience.
  • When you engage our services you know who your trainer is.
  • The vast majority of times we can answer your questions without hesitation.
  • We are a small family owned business, not a big corporate provider that possibly only treat you as a number.
  • We never cancel our courses, once committed, the course goes ahead, regardless of numbers.
  • Many RTO’s attempt to engage our services regularly to deliver training on their behalf.

So for more information about Training Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs, Contact Smiths Training Services today to get your team up to scratch with their tickets and training.